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The company changes – the values remain the same

PRT-Forest Oy, originally Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy, was founded in 1967 through the efforts of the Pyhäntä municipality’s Industrialisation Committee. The objective was to create industrial jobs for small rural areas suffering from population loss. When, as a young recently-elected Managing Director, I came to initialise the newly-founded company’s business operations on 2 February 1968, I made sure I knew exactly what the founding stakeholders expected of the company. The answer was unambiguous: new jobs. Because only business growth can create new employment opportunities, strive for expansion became one of the company’s characteristic basic values.

Business operations began with the manufacturing of prefabricated leisure dwellings. In the early years the scope of the business was modest; there were 9 employees at the end of the first operating year. Subsequently the company began to produce prefabricated construction site barracks and, beginning in 1972, single-family houses. Behind the expanded operations and new products were the company’s stated growth objectives; the production of leisure dwellings in itself did not provide sufficient growth possibilities.

The company therefore consisted of several different business areas. One of them in particular – the prefabricated housing industry – seemed to have clear growth potential. When the rationalisation of dispersed business functions became timely in 1974, the company discontinued its leisure dwelling and barracks production and concentrated solely on single-family houses. This appeared to be the best way to achieve the necessary efficiency and rapid growth.

Because the prefabricated wood house industry in its current form as a business area was created at about the same time this company entered the field, there was growth from the start. The vast expansion that took place in the company’s operations during the late 1970s and 1980s reflected the growth taking place in the sector as a whole, and the enlightened corporate culture embraced by the company facilitated its successful exploitation of this trend.

Leisure dwellings re-entered the picture when the Pudasjärvi-based Kontiotuote Oy joined the Group in 1982. Later the Group’s structure continued to diversify when Mellano Oy and Lappli-talot Oy joined the Group in 1992 and 1994 respectively. In 1998 Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy’s housing industry and sawmill industry functions were incorporated as separate companies. At that time the prefabricated wood hous industry company, known as the manufacturer of the Jukka range of houses, was named Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy and the company practising sawmill operations was named PRT-Wood Oy because of its international scope. The parent company formed as a holding company took its present name of PRT-Forest Oy. Subsequently the glue laminated specialist PRT-Lami Oy that was part of the sawmill company and the window manufacturer Piklas Oy that was part of the prefabricated wood house company have been incorporated as separate companies.

Although PRT-Forest nowadays operates in many other localities besides Pyhäntä and as a group has businesses worldwide, its values have not changed since its inception. Perhaps the importance of maintaining the company’s values has become even greater with the passage of time. Profitability is naturally an obvious and basic value for any enterprise. Without profitability a company can neither grow nor provide secure employment opportunities. Without profitability the company’s ownership value will suffer. But a company’s existence must have other justifications besides the growth of its ownership value. It must create prosperity for its home district by providing secure and pleasant jobs. It must recognise its responsibilities to its personnel, local community and natural environment. It must be a reliable employer. It must be a trustworthy partner and it must deliver what it promises to its customers.

These values provide a solid basis for the secure growth of the Group’s business operations.

Veijo Sydänmetsä
Industrial Councillor