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Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy
Lappli-Talot Oy
Kontiotuote Oy
Mellano Oy
Piklas Oy
PRT-Wood Oy
PRT-Forest Oy

The PRT-Forest Group’s business areas are the prefabricated wood house, log house, furniture, window and door, glue laminated wood and sawmill industries. The parent company PRT-Forest Oy is the Group’s holding company. Business operations are organised in 6 subsidiaries with factories in 5 localities.

Jukkatalo Oy’s main products are prefabricated wood houses; its domicile is Pyhäntä. Lappli-talot Oy is located in Tornio and its main business is also the manufacturing of prefabricated wood houses. Kontiotuote Oy in Pudasjärvi produces log houses and leasure dwellings. At Lapinlahti and Pieksämäki, Mellano Oy manufactures kitchen furniture components for the built-in furnishing market. The Pyhäntä-based Piklas Oy manufactures windows. PRT-Wood Oy’s business is the sawmill industry. Its branches are located at Pyhäntä and Pyhäjärvi.